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Prosthetics – FAQ

When should I make a prosthetic crown?

We usually apply the prosthetic crown when there’s a significant bone tissue lack.

What are the necessary steps before the application of the crown?

  1. The endodontic treatment of the tooth.
  2. The post and core installation.
  3. Application of the crown.

How long does it take to install the crown?

It takes about 7 days to produce a standard crown. In case of the ceramic crown the waiting time is much shorter and sometimes it’s even possible that the crown will be ready at the very same day!

Will I have to live with a cut and polished tooth before the prosthetic crown is ready for installation?

Absolutely not. We provide temporary crowns in our clinic.

Is the crown installation painful?

No, the procedure is being performed with anaesthesia on the previously endodontically cured tooth

Is it necessary to reinforce the tooth with the post and core

It all depends on the conditions, but usually – it is.