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Digital implantologyDigital Implantology

Due to the usage of the computer tomograph and 3Shape scanner, the implantology procedure in our clinic is being planned with digital precision and predictability. The 3D Printer creates the surgical template that we use during the procedure. We are also able to manufacture suitable prosthetic elements in order to install the crown or the bridge. This is called “the one day implantology”!

What is a dental implant (tooth implant)?

What is a dental implantA dental implant is a small conical screw made of titanium, titanium alloy or zirconium. While placed in the jaw bone, it acts as a tooth root – a base for a prosthetic reconstruction. The form of the prosthetic reconstruction may be a crown, a bridge or a denture. Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials, which means a dental implant will not be recognized as a foreign body after being placed into the bone and the osseointegration will occur. The osseointegration – a direct functional and structural connection between the living bone and the implant – is possible due to the unique properties of titanium or zirconium. The process itself is the biological foundation of the success of dental implants in dentistry.

Why is it so important to complement missing teeth?

What is a dental implantThe tooth may be lost because of disease or an accident. Not being complemented shortly after the loss, the alveolar bone of the spot would gradually atrophy. The adjoining teeth would start to move into the free space, the opposing ones would eject in order to make contact to a missing cusp. This situation would result in a major dislocation in the oral cavity. The bone atrophy and teeth dislocation grade may vary depending on a person’s age and the placement of the missing tooth. In Jesionowa Dental Clinic, we focus on dental implant treatment as it is considered to be the most effective teeth restoration method at the moment. We provide the best implantology systems available as well as our own diagnostic centre, including the computer tomography. That is why we are able to precisely plan the entire implant treatment, starting with implantation and ending with prosthetic reconstruction.

How to stop alveolar bone atrophy after the tooth loss?

dental implantThe alveolus augmentation, conducted right after the tooth extraction or accidental tooth loss, can stop the bone resorption process and keep the bone suitable for a dental implant. There are also surgical methods of alveolus regeneration in order to prepare a dental implant saddle, such as GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration).

In our clinic, we tend to offer to our clients a material containing micronized heterologous bone granulate, aggregated with collagen, right after every tooth extraction procedure. Being put into the postextraction alveolus it prevents excessive bleeding and creates a frame for the new bone tissue, which staves off the alveolar bone collapse.

Am I a candidate for a dental implant treatment?

What is a dental implantEvery person with a missing tooth is a potential candidate for tooth implantation. However, the are some categorical contraindications for the procedure:

  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • oral cavity radiotherapy
  • AIDS
  • mental illness
  • alcoholism
  • long-term treatment with high-dose levels of bisphosphate

Relative contraindications:

  • smoking
  • stroke or heart attack (up to 6 months)

It’s extremely important to inform your doctor properly about your health and all the medicines being taken.

What kind of implants do we use in our clinic?

We use only well-tried implantology systems available on the global market, such as:

  • Biomet 3i – USA
  • Alpha Bio – Israel
  • Osstem – South Korea
  • Adin – Israel
  • BEGO – Germany

The wide range of options allows our patients to make the best and optimal individual choice.

Dental implants are one of the main specialties of Jesionowa Dental Clinic Warszawa.

Are there any specific conditions needed for implantation in a dental practice?

In our clinic the implantations are being conducted in a specifically prepared surgery office. The environment of the procedure needs to be as aseptic as possible to prevent the contamination of the insertion. For that reason we only use disposable, sterile aprons, gloves and clothes. Thanks to the special procedures the implant acceptance effectiveness in our clinic has a 99.5% success rate! Furthermore, our dental clinic provides a special implantation device – the physiodispenser. After the implantation, every patient is being headed to our Radiology Diagnostic Centre for the X-ray, which allows us to ascertain that the implant has been placed properly without any damages given to adjoining tissues and structures.

Why implants at the Jesionowa Dental Clinic?

  1. Specialized consultation – every patient applying for the treatment is being consulted for missing teeth complementation possibilities. During the initial visit, the patient is being informed all about dental implants and a treatment schedule is suggested.
  2. Qualified staff –  we are a medical doctors team specializing in dental implants. We’re all members of OSIS (Polish Nationwide Association of Dental Implantology) and we regularly develop our knowledge by participating in numerous national and international conferences and courses.
  3. Painless procedures – all the procedures are being performed under the general anaesthesia, resulting with a completely painless implantation process.
  4. Precise diagnostics – with our clinic equipped with a computer tomograph that serves directly for implantation procedures, we’re able to measure the remaining bone amount with an accuracy of up to 0.5 mm. Thus we make the most use of the patient’s oral cavity conditions and choose an optimal implant for the procedure.
  5. Wide range of implants – we use several implantology systems, allowing our patient to make the most financially optimal choice.
  6. Professional treatment plan – after the specialist consultation, essential radiological diagnostics and patient’s individual preferences establishment, we develop the treatment schedule including the clearly defined procedures costs and a time range needed to implement the treatment.
  7. The complexity of service – due to the multi-specialist medicine doctors’ cooperation and appropriate clinic equipment, the whole treatment takes place in one location only.
  8. 8. Implants guarantee – we provide a special guarantee for our implantation services. If, for any reason, the patient’s implant would not adopt we would re-conduct the procedure without any additional costs.