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What is All-on-6?

 All-on-6 is an edentulism treatment method of replacing the missing teeth with a single permanent bridge covering the whole tooth arch with only 6 teeth implants being installed and weighted down immediately.  

The quick restoration of the healthy appearance of your teeth in one day only is possible thanks to modern implantology treatment methods and the cooperation of our experienced clinic staff.

 If you want to know if you qualify for this treatment procedure, make an appointment for a consultation visit.

Why All on 6?

The most affordable solution

The All-on-6 bridge requires only 6 implants in order to replace 12 teeth. The fewer implants, the lower the cost.

All-on-6 helps to avoid additional procedures

The special tilt of 2 implants provides the suitable stability in the tooth arch and enables avoiding the maxillary sinuses, where there is no sufficient bone tissue amount. Thus the procedure of maxillary sinuses lifting is not necessary, which spares time (6-8 months) and lowers the costs.


Brief procedure duration time

Thanks to the cutting edge digital dentistry solutions such as surgical templates and 3D tomography, the procedure duration time is only 30-60 minutes.


Lots of possibilities

The final prosthesis may be removable or permanent. The bridge may be made of acryl, zirconium or porcelain, according to aesthetical expectations and financial capacity.

All-on-6 treatment stages

  1.     Consultation

During the first visit our doctors will conduct a computer tomography in order to examine the bone condition. They will also verify the state of the teeth to determine if you qualify for the All-on-6 in one day treatment. If it’s not possible, due to the condition of your jaw, we will offer a different, adequate solution.

  1.     Planning

At this stage we will start the planning process. You will meet the implantologist and the full teeth sanitation will be performed. Additionally, we will create impressions of your oral cavity and conduct the diagnostics in order to prepare the surgical templates and temporary works for the procedure day.

  1.     The procedure

At this stage 6 implants will be installed in order to create the base for a prosthesis. The procedure is completely painless and it’s duration time depends on the amount of implants – usually it takes from 30 to 60 minutes.

  1.     Prosthetics

Your prosthesis will be adjusted and finished by our dental technicians the very same day.

  1.     The finalisation

The last stage of the one day visit will be the installation of your new teeth to the implants. The whole process will take one day only and you will regain a beautiful and healthy smile.