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Why choose us

1. Specialist experience

When you choose Jesionowa Dental Clinic you have the reassurance of knowing that all our dentists are highly trained and skilled dental professionals which sit at the cutting edge of modern dentistry. Having latest technologies and techniques in our facility we achieve best possible results of treatment.

2. Implant treatment warranty

We believe in our work. Based on our experience and measured implant survival rate we have created an Implant Warranty Program which applies to all our patients undergoing implant procedures – read more.

3. Location

Jesionowa Dental Clinic is located in the capital city of Poland – Warsaw. We are just 7 min. way by car from Warsaw Chopin Airport which is the biggest one in Poland. Warsaw is the greatest and latest city having an access to recent dental technologies.

4. Other costs

When you are thinking about medical treatment overseas you need to consider all the costs including transport and accommodation. Warsaw as the only city in Poland has 2 international airports where most of the cheap Airlines like Wizz Air and Ryan Air are present. Exclusively for our patients which are coming from abroad we have created Consultation Package and Treatment Package which keeps your all travel and accommodation expenses at low level all the time when you visit us.

5. Insurance refund

If you are eligible for a total or partial health insurance refund at the country of your origin you may always ask us to complete the necessary documents and receive a full documentation of your medical treatment with no additional costs.

6. No language barrier

All our team are English speaking stuff. Some of our doctors completed a GCSE and A-Level exams in the United Kingdom so no worries about communication problems in English language.

7. Clear rules

Before we start the medical procedure we always make a professional treatment plan where we always clearly state all possible costs discussing them with you. This gives you a warranty that you never pay more than declared in the contract.

8. International standards

Travelling abroad for treatment does not inevitably mean things are going to be different to how are they at home! In Jesionowa Dental Clinic we put a big pressure to adhere to international standards of treatment and management procedures. We have elaborated medical protocols which lead us to TOP 10 Dental Clinics in Poland according to GCR with scores way above national and international standards!

9. A caring ethos

Our caring ethos constitutes every aspect of the practice. We always treat our patients in the way as we would like a member of our own family to be treated and aim for that high standard of care. Due to our state-of-the-art technologies and techniques you always receive most appropriate treatment for your individual case.