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Our clinic

Nowadays, the beautiful smile is a calling card, therefore it is worth to entrust it to the best professionals who will take good care of it. It’s important to remember that in order to achieve the best medical and aesthetic results, a few factors must combine:

  • Knowledge and experience of the medical staff
  • Modern technology and treatment methods
  • Precise radiological diagnostics
  • Patient’s cooperation

Our whole team is guided by these principles and thanks to that we achieve very good treatment results and, most of all, the satisfaction of our patients.

We create professional treatment schedules adjusted individually to every patient, which are being followed consequently. Due to this method the patient is always aware of the treatment details and it’s financial cost. This kind of attitude guarantees the individual character of every treatment and its highest quality.

Jesionowa Dental Clinic consist of a group of very devoted people providing the highest quality of treatment to their patients. Our dentists constantly work on their skill level by attending the numerous courses, trainings and congresses.

Our clinic offers a full-service of dental procedures, therefore every patient is able to find a solution for a problem. Our speciality are implants and orthodontics – the procedures are being performed with the use of recent digital dentistry developments such as the Intraoral 3SHAPE Scanner or 3D Printer.

The specialised equipment of our clinic is highly supportive for our medical staff. One of the most important elements is our Radiological Diagnostics Laboratory with the most modern Hyperion computed tomograph. It allows us to make a precise and accurate diagnosis in order to perform all the treatment stages in one place.

We are sure that visiting Jesionowa Dental Clinic will help you regain the full health of your oral cavity and a satisfying teeth aesthetic. We also encourage to use the prevention program, which will help you to forget any teeth problems for a long time.

If you have any questions, feel free to register for a consultation visit.