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There is no modern dentistry without latest achievements of modern radiology. We believe that success of dental treatment can only be achieved linking experience and knowledge of doctors with radiological diagnostics. This is why Jesionowa Dental Clinic is equipped with Hyperion X9 the Cone Beam 3D which guarantees the highest quality of x-ray pictures with lowest possible radiation dose. We put a pressure on making a professional treatment plans thus always require from our patients to make an adequate x-ray before or during the dental visit.

Our X-ray laboratory is capable to do following X-rays:

3D Cone Beam CT of jaws
3D Cone Beam CT of sinuses
Panoramic X-ray
Cephalometric X-ray
Periapical X-ray
Bitewing X-ray


Duration of the procedure
The approximate time of every x-ray takes from 20 to 40 seconds. The result is given straight away.


Radiological examination is a common procedure in dentistry and can be performed in any patient except pregnant woman. Patient should inform clinic’s medical staff each time she intends to perform a radiological examination.


3D Cone Beam CT of jaw
Also known as CBCT. It is a medical imaging technique which consist of X-ray computed tomography where X-rays are divergent forming a cone. The image is given in 3D digitally showing the hard structures.

Uses of CBCT:
- Implantology
- Oral surgery
- Endodontics
- Orthodontics
- Periodontics
- Dental diagnostics


Panoramic X-ray
Also referred as Panoramic radiograph , PAN, OPG, Pantomogram. It is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray of lower and upper jaw. It is a two dimensional view of half-circle from ear to ear.


Uses of Panoramic X-ray:
- Dental surgery
- Periodontics
- Orthodontics
- Dental diagnostics


Cephalometric X-ray

Lateral cephalometric radiograph ( cephalometric x-ray) is a radiograph of the head taken with the x-ray beam perpendicular to the patient's sagittal plane. This radiograph is used for cephalometric analysis for dental and skeletal relationship of human skull.


Uses of Cephalometric X-ray:
- Orthodontics
- Maxillofacial surgery